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    Here at Radiodowntown.c‚Äča we are big supporters of independant artists and professional artists with a lable. At whatever stage of your performing career we want to let you know WE ARE HERE FOR YOU. Our station on average gets over 200 song entries per week and we want to give you all the attention you deserve. It can be a tough game out there to get your talents noticed to further your career. Because we get so many entries if may take us a bit of time to go through your entries but we do promise to listen to all entries. Due to the format of our station we must choose what is a good fit for our many shows and our daily rotaion. The only genre we feels does  not fit the mood of Radiodowntown is "Rap" or "Heavy Metal", all else is welcome.
    Not all songs/tunes will make the playlist, however don't be insulted as you are welcome to keep sending. if your songs are suitable and accepted you will be contacted to let you know they will be inserted onto our daily playlist. We would love to able to tell the time of day or night your songs will be played but they are inserted at random. We try to keep our Tuesdays free to go over all submissions.
    Some of you may be asked to be featured on a half hour show called "The Perfect Note" where we will insert your songs during a skype audio interview and played several times during the week. We will contact you about this show if eligible.
    You are also invited to supply photos, stories, upcoming events so we can insert it in our monthly online magazine for all to see.

YOU could be a Co-Host on one of our Shows!

Join JohnK on one of our 2 hour shows, and also have your music featured during the show.
  1. As long as your music is considered by our team to be suitable for our station
  2. You have a computer and skype installed (Headphones with a Mic would be great but not necessary)
  3. You are able to schedule a trial run with Johnk, then schedule a live Co-Hosting event.(Usually a two hour show)
  4. No presentation skills required
  5. You must be able to voice your contact details to the audience to give you maximum exposure
  6. English Preferred.
  7. All this can happen from the comfort of your own home or studio.

How to send in your tunes

  1. You may send in as many tunes as you wish, however just two tunes per email please, more than two tunes can be sent by (it's free and easy) We Transfer will ask you for an email address to send to, use:
  2. Tunes to be sent in as Mp3 or Wav files
  3. We do not accept YouTube links 
  4. If you try to send us on Facebook you will directed to this page.
  5. Please make sure the song has a title and artist, we will not be taking the time to rename your entry
  6. A quick note to tell us the genre of your tunes.
  7. We will NOT accept any tunes with foul language or overly suggestive content.
  8. NO Rap ..... NO Heavy Metal
  9. By sending us your tunes you have already agreed to having them played on
  10. if you have any questions please email 

To email one or two tunes 

Email We Transfer

To send more than two