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Independent Artists now on Rotation on Radiodowntown.ca as of October 6 2022

Aaron Halliday, Ainsley Costello, Al Harlow, Alice Benfer, Allan Agard, Andrea Nixon, Andrew Dean, Andy Penkow, Angela Breen, Becky Denton, Brad Simmonds, Brendan McMahon, Bristol Kids, Broadtree, Bruce McInnis, Bryan Robinson, Carla Cherrie Hendriks, Caryle Hill, Chase Stevens, Chelsea Kelly, Chris Loid, Chris Melanson & Georgette Jones, Ciaran Moran, Cina Samuelson, Clara Tracey, Courtney Bowles, Damian McCarthy, Danny June Smith, Dave Caley, David Jarvis, Dean Perrett, Delphi Ravens, Denise Brennan, Dennis DiChiaro, Don Farris, Donna Dunne, Eddie ray Barela, Ellinor Springstrike, Emma Goldberg, Freddy Valas & the Silver Tones, Gary Bixler, Ginnie Terry, Glenn Ironside, Glenn Levi, Grace Day, Greg Murray & The Seven Wonders, Hannyta, Heidi Tann Hook, Innersha, Jake Blocker, James Ethington lll, James Lynas, Jamie Donnelly, Janice Hunter, Jennifer Alvarado, Jenny Colquitt, Joel Brogan, Joel Parkes, Joy Adams, Katy Hurt, Keith Bradford, Keith McLoughlin, Ken Tucker, Laura Gagnon, Laurie Biagini, Liana Wallinder, Linda Wright, Liz Clarke Louis McTeggart, Lyn Sey, Lynn Campbell, Mackenzie Lee, Mairead Carroll, Marianne L Esch, Mary & Paul Gantley, Mary Ann Van der Horst, Meadow Creek, Melissa Jane Carroll, Rohan K Healy, Michael Coleman, Michael Jay Cresswell, Michelle MaGee, Midnight Morning, Mike Milan, Miss Freddye, Mychela, Paper Lace, Paul Jupe, Peggie Nora, Phil Hendriks, Racey, Ramona Diane, Randy Harris & Marnell McCarthy, Rick & Gailie, Rick Pisano, Ritchie Dave Porter and Debra Susan, Robert Bidney, Robbie Watson, Rod Duckworth, Ronnie Call, Rosalie Drysdale, Ryan Anderson, Ryan Sheridan, Sabrina Fallah, Sandra North, Sawdust Road, Shannen Carroll, Sharon Marie White, Shaylyn, Sorcha Richardson, Smokin' Novas, Stazy Z, Steve Garcia, Steven Newsome, Steven Sware, Stone Cabin, Stu Porteous, Sun King Rising,  Tally Koren, Tennessee Outlaw Country, Terry Dean, The Automatics, The Darren Holland Project, The Goddamsels, The Heartland Roots Band, The Petal Falls, The Private Dicks Band, The Whythouse, Tic Bryan Band, Tim Graves and the Farm Hands, Tori Alice, Vicki Spurrell, Wallace Mair, Wanted Stranger,  Weekend Special, Wendy Lynn Snider, Whosoever South, Wolfe Milestone, Wylie Harold


If you want your music played on Radiodowntown.ca this is a must read.

  1. We listen to all music sent in
  2. All new music must be sent to new@radiodowntown.ca  If you have multiple tunes too large for an email, send by using wetransfer.com and using new@radiodowntown.ca
  3. All music supplied must have the meta for artist and song title and email, otherwise it will not be played
  4. If you use dropbox or any other source for us to download from, please supply the link and password if needed. 
  5. Submissions from all artists weekly are over 200 per week so it may take us some time to go through them all
  6. You will be contacted if your music will be played on Radiodowntown.ca You can also check out the “New Artist” tab on our web site as we update the names periodically. 
  7. Please feel free to contact us at any time to find out if your tunes are being played send to: new@radiodowntown.ca 
  8. It would be awesome if you wanted to appear in our future online magazine, we need a photo or CD cover along with wording and download information for the reader or simply a bio so we can help promote you. If you are sending for the magazine send to: mag@radiodowntown.ca (content may be edited due to space or amount of wording) Contact us at mag@radiodowntown.ca if you have any questions about the online magazine. 
  9. With six or more tunes you are also welcome to participate via Skype call on your COMPUTER to co-host a show where we promote you and your music. You will also get extra exposure on social media or that upcoming show and more after the show has aired. 
  10. Each and every Monday from 7am to 7pm Atlantic time we play all music approved by us from independent artists from around the world. Tune in you may just hear your tune(s). 
  11. Your tunes also get on our radio rotation throughout the week at random 
  12. Coming in the near future, those who co-host a show with us will also get their own page on our site to further assist you in getting your name out there to the masses. 
  13. There are many more benefits to having your music played on Radiodowntown.ca Continually check out the web site for lots of updates. 
  14. Add us as a friend on Facebook by searching for “Johnk Radiodowntown” to find out about upcoming shows, co-hosts and features. 
  15. Does all this cost anything? NO 

At Radiodowntown.ca we are presently being played in over 144 countries worldwide and we are excited to share your sounds with them.

YOU could be a Co-Host on one of our Shows!

Join JohnK on one of our 1 OR 2 hour shows, and also have your music featured during the show.
  1. As long as your music is considered by our team to be suitable for our station
  2. You have a computer and skype installed (Headphones with a Mic would be great but not necessary)
  3. You are able to schedule a trial run with Johnk, then schedule a live Co-Hosting event.(Usually a two hour show)
  4. No presentation skills required
  5. You must be able to voice your contact details to the audience to give you maximum exposure
  6. English Preferred.
  7. All this can happen from the comfort of your own home or studio.

How to send in your tunes

  1. You may send in as many tunes as you wish, however just two tunes per email please, more than two tunes can be sent by wetransfer.com (it's free and easy) We Transfer will ask you for an email address to send to, use: new@radiodowntown.ca
  2. Tunes to be sent in as Mp3 or Wav files
  3. We do not accept YouTube links 
  4. If you try to send us on Facebook you will directed to this page.
  5. Please make sure the song has a title and artist, we will not be taking the time to rename your entry
  6. A quick note to tell us the genre of your tunes.
  7. We will NOT accept any tunes with foul language or overly suggestive content.
  8. NO Rap ..... NO Heavy Metal
  9. By sending us your tunes you have already agreed to having them played on Radiodowntown.ca
  10. if you have any questions please email 

To email one or two tunes 

Email We Transfer

To send more than two